Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday, Monday …

The Christmas cake fruit is now soaking in the most wonderful mixture of spices and very good alcohol –ran out of any brandy but Remy Martin so that just had to do alongside the Rum, Port, and Angostura Bitters. These bottles only see the light of day at this time of the year  -what a blessing alcohol is a preservative.

Picked up my knitting –a pair of cable mittens-  for the first time in several weeks today  … not only had I forgotten where I was in the pattern but I’d forgotten what size i was knitting. Several hours and much unpicking later I made a little progress. Good job I had the distraction of looking at all the wonderful patchwork being done by my fellow classmates at the ‘show and tell’. My aim is to put the binding on my bag and have a contribution to the ooh and wow session next week.

Poem for the online workshop is coming along –not sure I’ve working to the brief  but I do have a draft of something unrelated to music that was inspired by listening to music –yesterdays accompaniment on my walk down Water Lane, in the fog and without a map –not really very wise so I’ve now ordered a local OS map for further and more knowledgeable progress in that direction.

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