Sunday, November 20, 2011

Brush strokes

Sunday morning reading –the first part of Julian Barnes The Sense of an Ending –what a joy. To tell about things that matter as if they might, only might not matter: to brush lightly aside aspects of possible importance and bring lowlights to centre stage. A casualness that grabs attention, slips the reader into harness with the writer or put another way, is an invitation to be alongside, not quite in cahoots. I was soon wearing the fabric of the story, trying this and then that on, for size, for a fit with  

Watching A Round Heeled Woman gave a similar feel to Barnes’ style … the audience as the audience we often use to try out our ideas with, that we need to dissolve, dissemble, and, yes, to confess to.

Just noticed that it has taken to midday for the Sunday morning mist to clear … blue sky out there now for a few hours. 

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