Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday, Monday

My yarn is nearly dry, –blogging interrupted just now by a Skype message and also today I’ve joined Apple’s iCoud after a lesson from James! So now I have another email address … and the main thing, rather wonderfully,  my iPhone and laptop synch wirelessly!  I’m easily pleased  -so back to the yarn –it looks like rows of raspberry jewels at the moment, a reminder of summer.

Strange weather day –cloudy and muggy as I left for a walk with Crumble, on our return the sky had cleared, we enjoyed the late afternoon sun and now there’s a real hint that tonight will be cold. The burners have been lit  -its cosy inside, such a change rom last year with the old draughty windows.

The hens are clearly expecting winter, they had already taken themselves into their house when I took down their feed .. sparkly yellow corn and  a bowl of peelings soon bought them out. Their run is like slip underfoot –pale brown Le Gers clay the consistency of  mayonnaise ready to catch the unsure step and adding to the weight of my boots. .

James has gone back to UK,today,  I’m here for one more week and must get some work writing done in the next few days, and I plan to write another piece of flash fiction.  -need to look for a place to send it. Ideas welcome.

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