Tuesday, January 3, 2012

one stuck poem

I’ve been revising my poem about the accordion today –trying and trying and it just seems to get further from where it needs to go, or I would like it to go. So, its time to let it go, to give it a place to find itself …I’ll go back to it one day soon. 

The poems for next weeks online workshop are not yet available … The Poetry School online classroom seems to be in need of some attention. I’m looking forward to meeting the other students through their poetry..

More positively, my cutting for the next quilt is almost done, it’ll soon be time to spread it all out to check the overall layout and start sewing. Paul has been wiring in more lights today so seeing  to work just gets better.

Sadly, James found a dead hen this afternoon …  thank you hen for all the eggs you’ve laid for us.  The exchange of corn and the contents of the leftovers bin for golden yolked eggs is a joy.

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