Thursday, January 5, 2012

Writing in the gaps

I’m writing while waiting for the squash to roast … we have an wood burning stove that’s great to cook on –the most important ingredient is patience. We’re almost out of left overs so its pasta in a  squash and smoked salmon creme fraiche and herb sauce tonight  and tomorrow someone has to go shopping. Typical post festive season in our house –last night Paul used the mushrooms in a risotto –perfectly cooked, very yummy, and there’s soup from goodness knows what that’s full of goodness.

My fabric blocks  are  ready for sewing. A task to be done in the morning light in the front of the house and with lots of attention to the one way designs.

Spent lots of time today on my poetry. I’m almost ready to submit two and have read the poems for the online workshop on Monday. I certainly wasn't;t the only one to stray from the task … but that's never the issue is it!  And in between just a little bit of work … a paper reviewed, draft agenda nearly ready and the pleasure of reading Islands of Privacy .. really enjoyed the chapters on secrets and the private and public aspects of wallets and purses –would have been tedious without the real data, or ‘what people said’ but was alive with the reality. of our choices and ways of keeping things to ourselves  She’s now discussing privacy and technology ..

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