Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Learning to blog: reading

I've learnt lots about blogs since I began this one last summer –by irregularly reading other people’s blogs and writing this one, again irregularly. No surprises there then –experiential learning wins again.

So now I have some key links in the blog header which will direct readers to certain pages like the ones about books I'd like to read, what I am reading now and books I’ve read. You’ll see a mixed list of books to be read, and reading now in a side bar as well. Some will linger on that list for a while, rather as they set up home on my bedside chest of drawers or on the side table next to my favourite reading chair.

My aim is to post thoughts on the reading in progress, very short reviews and comments made at the two book groups I belong to. Yes, I know that’s lots of reading but that’s not hard for me and because I want to read other books and –and this is important – to develop my practice of reading poetry I’m keen to find reading time when I am alert. In other words, not just before I put out the bedside light! I’m not going to beat myself up if this does not happen every day, The aim is a few days a week … I’ll report on progress as and when.

I’ll tag the reviews and comments so readers can just see these if they feel they will be bored by accounts of my sewing or poetry news. This is first like this and, would you believe it, the internet connexion from my modem is having a very long sleep in this morning, so thank goodness for Windows Live Writer … I’ll save this to send later after what I’m sure is going to be another gruelling session in the gym with super fit Sam. On the plus side she’s great at the stretching … and I will feel better afterwards.

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