Sunday, February 5, 2012

Snow outside: poetry witing inside

It looks very pretty outside but the snow is fading now ... with the roads and pavements predicted to be icy as the temperature drops overnight. I've had a poetry day, warm and quiet. Five poems sent out into the world and several attempts at my next assignment ... a sonnet and a love poem! No pressure then to find all those rhymes and to keep to the rhythm. Don Paterson's Sonnets book has come in handy -so far I have four lines and a possible closing couplet.

As you can see my bedside reading includes this year's T S Eliot prize winner  ... haven't come across a sonnet yet but Burnside has some readable poems ...and some that I will need to go back to but that's the joy of a poetry collection. The book opens with a long poem, so I've saved that for later and started with the section called Everafter .. possibilities, failure, loss are all in there so far.

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