Sunday, August 19, 2012

Post op blogging

I realise that the labelling of this post is a message about what I do to relax when times are a little tough and I need to look after myself: writing this journal entry with an overview of how I’ve spent my time in the past two post-hysterectomy weeks, some simple knitting (I’m going round and round on 10 stitches to create a stash buster blanket), gentle walking –this evening once this hot sun disappears – and, of course reading.

I read Cutting for Stone in hospital and it deserves more than my brief comment last time I wrote here.  Such courage to fill the pages with that fine level of clinical detail alongside the compelling geography and politics, all in an envelope of quiet and not so quiet love. A truly wonderful book –a saga that captured the power of family and equally the joy and perils of the bonds between us all.

Presently, I’m reading a collection of short stories by Barbara Kingsolver ‘Homeland’ and poems from Andrew Motion’s Public Property as well as a novel. A healthy diet  -variety, great writing talent and  not what I had planned to read. The short stories are on loan from a friend for company while I convalesce and the poems a birthday gift. How wonderful to have friends who bring just what is needed.

In my post birthday week I aim to return to some regular writing, to retrieve the habit of morning pages from where it’s hiding and to  meander with some words that will/might lead to some new poems. or maybe some prose, As long as I write it matters not at this stage.

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