Thursday, August 23, 2012

The ways of a day


Its another time for waiting. Waiting to heal, for a second opinion about the spread of the cancer now removed, waiting to know the shape o the next few weeks. So my days are rather mild, full of small activities: the close reading of a poem, a short story and a chapter of Nicholas Nickleby –only one because Dickens is best in small doses, after all,that’s the readership he wrote for!  Its my first read on my Ipad and I've not quite got the hang of when to tap, where to tap etc. etc. so that the pages turn and my place is bookmarked. Plenty of time to practice though!!

And yesterday I finished the quilt I’ve been making this summer for Jen, whose love of primates is deep and not totally within my understanding. 


This is the best of the photos I managed, not sure if the detail is visible but the idea was sunlight through the jungle, and the difficult part was not slicing too many Gorilla faces in half, or quarters. if anyone needs Gorilla fabric, I have a few pieces left: somehow I don’t think I’ll be needing it again.

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