Saturday, July 27, 2013

Summer stuff

Another heatwave day in Le Gers. Paul and I were at the market early, lots of local fruit, bread, cheese and flowers for sale in cool of the Halle.

So good to have a pool to cool down in, this one is for us, fully equipped with lilo for lazing and skimmers to chase!!

 and yesterday Tracey and I bought one for the dogs. Not a total success -Cookie ignored it,  and Crumble and Macca thought it was just another (bigger) bowl of drinking water. They were unpersuaded to paddle in it but Ali, the latest addition, was fine, splashing around and trying to catch the splashes. No camera to hand then but here she is this morning investigating the hosepipe. 

She is, unsurprisingly very puppy-ish, loves being cuddled, tries to eat everything and delightfully is always getting under our feet.

In the cool of my sewing space I'm getting ready for some quilting, lots of upcycling in the past few days, fabric, fleece and batting to quilt for small items like bookwraps - here's one I made earlier - and then one quilt to finish.

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