Monday, September 16, 2013

A new week …

… happens regularly, I hear you say, but without a working week structure to life it can be easy to forget that the weekend has gone and another Monday is here.  This week my Monday is a day after a late night so I’m being gentle with myself as evening spins in.

Arrived back home way after my bedtime last night after a wonderful evening at the O2 enjoying the music of Leonard Cohen and his musicians. For a very big tent that place has great acoustics, every word and note was clear –and LC certainly gives out lots of both, and has such incredible energy.

It also feels like the beginning of a new term of poetry as the new Poetry School on-line learning site is now live. I managed to register and access the work for my Monday evening course ‘Walking the Line’, so now its time to start thinking about a poem for assignment one. Presently a narrative poem  with urban roots and at least 20 lines and 3 stanzas seems a tall order. But then I remember this can be a draft!   It is surprisingly easy to forget that writing poetry takes time and from odd beginnings often some worthwhile work proceeds.

Perhaps I’ll find inspiration as I cut the fabric for my new quilting project … I need lots of very small pieces so a mind occupying task will be useful to stem the boredom that repetition can induce.  Or maybe I’ll think of something at yoga. New classes began last week and the stretches and back bends are already having a positive impact on my back … and my first shoulder stand for a while was OK.

Now to an evening with my book … and some sleep.

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