Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wednesday’s writing …

is not yet happening but lots of other things are and as I’ve said before, it is the other that leads to the writing or at least it should. Distractions today included a very good yoga class and a couple of hours in the warm sunshine tidying up the garden. 

And there was good news in my inbox this morning: an email from Mardibooks see with acceptance of a poem for their latest collection. As always that’s very encouraging, especially good as I start two new online poetry courses. I’ve drafted poems for the first assignments and have everyone’s else’s in a folder to read and comment on. So interesting to see how we each take the same assignment in different directions.

Its been a challenge to find time these last few days to write anything other than poetry . I seem to be able to get what’s in my head as a possible poem down in short glimpses of time more than I can get to grips with a possibly lengthier piece of prose. So I have a sort of plan to find somewhere to do that,  like a cafe, or the bench by our local ponds -weather permitting! There are places on the web asking for essays and flash fiction and it would be good to return to writing more of that. I’ll report back later ……

Meanwhile, I had my first taste of birding with the local RSPB group on Sunday. A good start to my new interest –lots of helpful people who offered me a look down their scopes so I could see more than a small dot in the distance, and then use my bins to get almost as good a view in my own time. I guess by now you’ve spotted the new language … not as challenging as learning French but there’s definitely a birding lexicon and those essential bits of kit all have birding nouns.

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