Sunday, October 27, 2013

Clock change Sunday

I am so grateful for the extra hour today ... time to catch up after two hectic and long days.

Spent time yesterday in the wonderful Quilters Guild museum in York. Its a long way away but so worth the journey, although the first Saturday of half time was a very bad choice of a date. Crowded stations, trains and streets when these could be avoided by remembering what happens when school is closed for a week!

Peace and quiet were in abundance in the museum and there was so much to see in the current exhibition by the British Quilt Study Group called 'Its all in the Making'. A well curated mix of the very old and very previous, and the very new and arty ... all with interesting and unique features.

I left with the memory of the brilliance of squares of fabric the size of my thumb nail perfectly folded and stitched, then placed to form the canopy of a tree, and a quilt made entirely from clothes labels.  Inspiring work.

We travelled home alongside strong winds and rain ... and I've just tucked down the garden chairs as even higher winds are due today ... autumn is making itself heard and felt.

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