Thursday, October 10, 2013

May we be forgiven by A M Homes

Having read one of Homes’ novels before I was very much looking forward to this 2013 prize winner, and I wasn't disappointed. Its a big book, in very many ways, long, powerful, disturbing and redemptive, and perhaps best of all, very funny.

Once again Homes writes from the point of view of a man and once again, (I had read ‘This book could save your life’) finds the holes in 21C American life, and finds the filling. She excavates the lives of one family, and their many associates, without it seeming prurient or voyeuristic  and in a way that accepts the idiosyncratic ways of people and highlights the irony of the places they find themselves in.The ‘we’ in the title seems to me to be the most important word –these things happen to ordinary people and that could be me or you!  This is a book that reveals the frailty of being human and celebrates the strengths people bring to everyday life. 

More details here   and do let me know what you think of the book.

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