Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mark Doty at the Troubadour

I read Doty’s book about paying attention a few years ago and have dipped in and out of his poetry since then. It was a real treat to hear him read and respond to questions about his art and craft on Monday evening. My first time at the Troubadour  and as with all poetry events, it started very close to my bedtime! But it was well worth staying up late (for me) for.

Doty read new work, talked about poetry as translation and sources of his poems. Interesting to read the poem Theory of Narrative in his collection Fire to Fire, having heard him tell the story behind this piece. A perfect example of a poem from out of the ordinary … so no excuse because we all have lots of ordinary in our lives, its just a matter of putting words one after the other and shaping them together. Not much too ask (!) but so very difficult and Doty does it very very well.

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