Thursday, January 23, 2014

Writing practice

I've reached week three of the flash fiction course ... its all about characters, creating developing, and also borrowing or is it stealing. In other words taking from people the very things that make them tick, make them individual and interesting and hopefully, make my characters authentic.

I'm really out of practice with this essential element of prose; its not so used in poetry but it can be no bad thing for me to think about this in my next poem.

I've left what I've written so far to stew, actually its been left for that reason several times today. In between, a walk down our very wet and muddy garden to collect the eggs and feed the hens and finally, the last few blocks I'm asking for my next quilt. Next break I'll cut all 40 into 6.5 inch squares ready for the sashing. The next step is a trip to the fabric shop ... always a  pleasure.

... and also in between, thoughts about a poem on the theme of writing an invitation   -will this be as hard as the last one on nudity, being naked.

I;m listening to Open Book on BBCR4. Jeffery Deaver is choosing the  books he wouldn't lend anyone and has just spoken of a great quote from Robert Frost, something along the lines of

someone listening to your poem behind a closed door, should have a sense of what it is about 

Worth remembering and I'm sorry that googling failed to find those words attributed to anyone but help with this would be great. 

Wonderfully, in my search I came across one of my favourite poems by William Carlos Williams. Enjoy.

This is just to say
                                    I have eaten
                                    the plums
                                    that were in
                                    the icebox
                                    and which
                                    you were probably
                                    for breakfast
                                    Forgive me
                                    they were delicious
                                    so sweet
                                    and so cold


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