Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday brings the rain

After two weeks of hot and sunny weather in April that we usually get in the middle of summer, this morning it is raining. Gentle rain to help the newly sown seeds and young plants giving the garden a slightly darker look. 

James arrived on Friday so we are en famille for the long weekend. This morning Paul and Tracey are at a dog show with Macaroon and Ali, fingers crossed for good placings. They had a bath and lots of brushing last evening ... what a good job we have one bath in the house, it serves a very good purpose for those with four legs.

As I write the cockerel, the cuckoo and the village of sparrows that live in our garden are all in full voice ... otherwise its quiet. Time for some other writing now. I have several first draft poems from workshops and the two online courses that have just finished - all of them need a second look. Seems the sort of day for that sort of task.

Happy Easter, take your chocolate eating at a steady pace ...

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