Saturday, April 19, 2014

Review: The Unlikely Pilgrmage of Harold Fry

Joyce’s story of Harold and his journey is a quick and very enjoyable read, Its well written - with nothing there that the reader does not need and some very slick well paced moves from one situation to the next. Harold’s pilgrimage is the vessel in which we are carried into his and his wife’s reflection on life with poignant insight into the impact of what he is doing on the strangers he meets.
I loved Harold, his honesty, innocence and loyalty that finds him in unwanted situations not of his making  ... and Brenda, his wife, her journey is weaves in and out with an equal sadness.
We all make these journeys, some are also geographical like Harold’s, some take place in the quiet of our minds: Joyce’s novel reminds us that even when we are ill equipped for the journey as long as we just take one step at a time we’ll get there.

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