Monday, June 2, 2014

A handful of small stones 144-151/2014

24 May: the pattern of rain across the windscreen: thick sweeps of water followed by a blurred clarity

25 May: an adolescent blackbird digs for worms; breakfast between beak, he pauses, then flies out of sight

26 May: between its petals the peony harbours yesterday’s rain

27 May: sparrows scritch and scratch at the house walls for nest material  - I imagine bird cement

28 May: with their deep, dark, unknowable eyes, the young cows stare at us through the window

29 May: in the nursery, viola plants in bone china cups, their petals and leaves refashioning the notion of afternoon tea

30th May: the white notes of the Hawthorn make themselves known amongst the deeper tones   of Horse Chestnut, Oak, the beginning hints of Ash

31st May: fists knead the dough to a smooth ball that’s set to rest: the kitchen is plump with bready air

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