Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Its been a while ...

Well, so much for those regular blog posts … where did my weeks in England go? Excuses, yes, yoga three times a week, some poetry workshops and lots of time on the forthcoming quilting exhibition. The end.

But I’m here, its hot and sunny (at last), the French farmers have cut their wheat and the sunflowers have open, golden faces.

My breakfast this morning was melon, yogurt, and another great piece in The Dark Horse, see http://www.thedarkhorsemagazine.com, this time an interview with Edward Hirsch, http://www.edwardhirsch.com by Christian McEwen, http://www.christianmcewen.com. Do subscribe and read this magazine. It stands head and shoulders above many others, mainly because it has reviews that have the courage to critique a poet’s work, different ‘features’ and enough poems worth a re-read.

So now I’m off to read EH and CM in books delivered just now to my Kindle. A bit of an experiment as to date I’ve only read fiction on this wonderful light and sunshine friendly e-book. I used the quick purchase route CM’s book is about slowing down. Hmm, and that needs thinking about.

Afterthought –I need to pay some attention to my blog practice. If I can write one small stone very day, yes, I’m still writing them, and respond every week with a poem to the wonderful Jo Bell’s prompt see http://fiftytwopoetry.wordpress.com then surely I can write a weekly blog post!  Need to choose a day … watch this space, it may happen.

Finally and good news – I’ve recently had five poems accepted in three rather good poetry magazines! More details when they actually appear, some are destined for the public light of day on 2015.  Its these things that make rejections so much easier to set aside and help to motivate the sending out yet again process.

Back nest week, possibly.

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