Monday, August 11, 2014

Cutting and stitching and other stuff

Good Monday Morning ... and to start the week here's a small review of last week, seven days of flash and crash weather and just enough sunshine. We had two lovely visitors, I had great day of yoga on Friday and in between a little time for quilting, writing and reading.

One of the larger quilt tops I bought at a charity sale is now a finished quilt. This particular top was made by a friend who died two years ago ... she was  a very good stitcher, I so admire the perfect meeting of the points in her quilt top.

I experimented this time with shadow flowers ...makes for a richer pattern but needs lots of concentration!!!

There was a lot of plain fabric in this particular quilt top so nowhere to hide when I didn't quite get the lines of stitching where I wanted them.

Never mind I'll keep that as a lesson for the next one that is now on the frame waiting to be quilted as it also has yards of plain fabric waiting for when my stitches run too long or I get the needle to a place that means the intention for the pattern goes all awry!!!

and finally, a new quilt top from some old jeans is slowly taking shape ... my first try to patch with denim so something small, and maybe just a coverlet so its not too heavy. Decisions for later on meanwhile, the blocks are on the design wall although somewhat unevenly stuck! Enough though for me to decide which colour should go where before I get stitching.

Sewing, by hand or machine, is a great companion to writing ... one or two poems have emerged this week. I'm focussing this month on writing to a theme and, of course, I've had lots of practice so far this year as a member of 52poems but I still find it so-oo difficult. Somehow I can write directly to the theme but hiding the theme seems to evade me ... more practice needed.

Right now though I'm going to clean out the hen house   - just the job for coolish day ... back soon.

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