Friday, September 12, 2014

a girl is a half formed thing: book group agreement

Good morning readers, glad you're here. I have some time this morning so thought you like to know that my book group members had similar views about Eimear McBride's book  - generally not well liked and a challenging difficult read. The book provoked a lot of discussion - about its style, its content and the nature of winning literary prizes. Most of us admired the work of the book but not much else.

Many of us had skipped much more of this book than we usually do when reading a novel, but that aside, we agreed that it was remarkable the main character managed to avoid pregnancy - did the author choose to ignore this? The title was intriguing, we wondered why it was chosen!!  And we wondered about the authenticity of the opening chapters ... rather an unknowable aspect but it was for many of us a fictive step too far.

So these and other questions for the author should she ever be available and none of us are very keen to read another book like that!

NB  Several of my friends have, like me, seen the movie Before I go to Sleep this week - lots of stars all around for this thriller. It has been transferred from book to screen with good faith and keeps its focus very well.

Bye for now, have a good day. Its writing time for me now ... hopefully to find a poem on the theme of water from for the 52poems page somewhere within.

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