Friday, January 2, 2015

and my word for 2015 is ...

In one of those moments, trying to keep a good balance in Warrior 1 ...  where they say look at a fixed point

- today mine was the top of this tree caught in the freezing fog -

then they say, keep the outer edge of your left foot grounded, pull your shoulders away from your ears and all you can think is how much longer, well, there and then my 2015 word arrived.

From all the words I could have chosen, from the three that percolated to the top yesterday - kindness, slow, surrender  - from all that choice, the very word, I thought, for this year is choice.

Choice is a privilege, can be a nuisance, teaches us much about how we are at any particular time.
It seemed a very good word to dwell on for 363 more days, especially with my choice today being not to venture far, to enjoy the effortless beauty of the weather and to share some of that here.

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