Thursday, January 1, 2015

this is not a small stone ...

And why not, you may be wondering, that's if you have nothing better to do on New Year's Day!

Small stones were so very 2014, all 365 of them. Yes, there were 365 small moments of paying attention in each one of my days in 2104. Oh, I know it looks as if four are missing but that just highlights my inability to count when transferring a few of them. from paper to blog ...  hey ho, these things do not matter.

So what is going to be very 2015? Well, I'm not sure yet. The 52poems prompts are continuing until April with a very able Jo Bell replacement and we FB 52ers are all looking forward to the book. Yes, 52 will have a legacy, an editor's choice book with one poem for each week, and there's more.  With the stunning success of Jo's crowdfunding project, there will also be a poetry handbook with all her wonderful prompts ... things that good should be shared and now they will be.

If you're inclined, watch this space .... there may be a photo of a cushion cover from recycled and felted sweaters soon, so exciting! Maybe one of a desert scarf that's been on my knitting needles for far too long and would come in very useful out there in the cold if only I finished it.

and maybe some poetry ....

Peace, good health and happiness in 2015 to all ... or to the few who are here.

I'm off to choose this year's word, I need a replacement for 2014's  'attention'. Present contenders are kindness, slow, and  well, I just pulled 'surrender' out of my 'angel' card pile so now I'm very undecided.

Back soon ......

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