Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Last of the mug rugs ...

Quick post while listening to radio commentary on the Andy Murray Australian Open match  - so difficult to follow so I need to multi-task.

You'll be pleased to know, these are the last of the mug rugs with their nice edge finish.

The traditional way always rewards ... double binding 21/2" wide, machine sewn to the front and slip stitched on the back.

All from scraps as everything Ive made this month has been, but, big but here, my stash does look that much smaller!

That said, its surprisingly enjoyable being limited to choosing from scraps. It focuses my mind on what colour blends with what, and results in some surprisingly OK combinations.

Not easy to see in this photo but the quilting thread is shiny with a very organic quilting pattern - in other words I went where it looked easiest to go with the needle and tried to reflect the shapes of the patched fabric. Comments welcome ... this is a big learning curve for me.

I travel back to UK tomorrow where there's always less time for sewing. My stitching recovered books course starts next week and I'm looking forward to playing bridge with people rather than my iPad.

The match has nearly ended ... time to feed the hens. I may be a while.

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