Sunday, February 8, 2015

A different routine ...

My days in England are a contrast to those I spend at home in France ...  more car miles, less time out and about along the paths close to the house, yoga in a class 4 times a week at least this week it was 4 times!!!) rather than on my own for 20 mins each morning, and a different sewing machine!

So I've spent some time this week getting used (again) to the Pfaff and playing with the wonderful selection of quilting stitches it offers .... here's the result on a very overdue cushion cover which is notwdoing good service keeping my chin in the right position in supine yoga asanas.

The tops were finished a while ago, and I'm not sure I'll do curved piecing for anything larger but it was good to learn and it used up some scraps!

Likewise, the thread was from the cupboard, and I think once belonged to my Mum. I'm so pleased with the fancy quilting stitches  - I may never use a straight stitch again!

And practising on the cushion covers gave me ideas for quilting the centre of the Grand Central Station wall hanging - this is from  a kit I bought in New York.

So far so good, again Mum's threats stash is being used ... this time with a gold thread that is behaving very well in its new needle.

Not sure how much quilting I'll have to do  .... probably less is more here!  Watch this space for the finished wall hanging, but it may be a while.

And here's a bit of poetry trumpeting ... two of my poems in this edition of Obsessed with Pipework (I just love that title)  ... so-oo pleased.

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