Saturday, March 28, 2015

A final few stitches ... and April's poetry task

My small seaside piece is done ...

 Week Five's rules were to finish in whatever way we chose so I took the opportunity to try out the finish with bought bias binding. I'm pleased, the picture has a frame and is ready for a wall.

Now I'm wondering what April's Stitch Along Sunday project will be. Just in case it does not appeal I've dug out an embroidery project which is so unfinished its not really started at all.

The plan for this was to use up my stash of embroidery threads and to have some hand sewing to do in my Monday afternoon sewing class. I really enjoy the company there but don't do to well with anything that needs a sewing machine as there's always so much stuff to take!!

As you can see I got as far as one block on the light box and half the pattern stencilled. More watch this space but hopefully there will be some sunny days on my terrace in France when this starts to take shape.

And, some poetry news - I've decided to take part in National Write Poetry Month!  This means a poem a day in April inspired by a prompt, posted on this blog and shared with lots of other poets doing the same task.   If your interested go to and join in.

Of course, once the poems are on my blog they will be published and not wanted by editors, even if they had been wanted anyway!! But, hey ho, the challenge will be good for my writing muscles which need to be kept in good shape like any other muscle.

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