Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hello April, and National Write Poetry Month ...

I spent too much time today trying to sort out where to post anything to do with National Write Poetry Month, maybe to take my mind of the rather foolhardy challenge I've set myself.

Foolhardy for at least two reasons. Firstly, can I really write a poem  day for the next 30 days!!! Secondly, I'd said I'd post them here but then they are published and can't be sent to the big wide world  of poetry journals.

So maybe they won't all be here  ... I'll post a few ... and keep some to keep up my rejection rate.

As this is the first day, here's my 01 April 2015 poem

Only some of our journeys are planned

He was going the coming way
the driver explains and I’m sure
my grumped-up face shows  
that this is no reason for two vans
to be parked on my drive.

He who was going the coming way
arrived as the website to report
my lost bus pass crashes
which is why I’m at the window
during the swapping of parcels,

feeling as if I’m coming and going  
having tried to transfer credit
from my also-lost Oyster card
to a new one which now tells me
I must wait twenty-four hours

and nominate a station where
I can prove I am who I am,
and touch in on the card reader

but I can’t because tomorrow
I shall be going the coming way.

Comments welcome, as always.   

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