Wednesday, March 25, 2015

SAS week four ... stitches and threads ...

Another Wednesday and week four's instructions was to add some stitching which meant playing with some threads and the huge number of stitch types on  my Pfaff machine ... most of which I've not used so far. 

As you can see there are now a few wispy clouds in the sky, and some seaweed, you've guessed it, in the sea,

Perhaps rather harder to see are the glittery outlines to some of the stones ... posh beach this!

and now to the seagulls  -well, one is making its mark in the sky and I think I'll outline quilt the one that's about to catch a fish. I rather like the 'waves' in this section created by all the quilting either side of it but they need to be less rigid so hopefully the outline pattern will do this. Only one  way to find out.

On the basis that less is usually more and how much time I have left to do this before I go back to France and my straight stitching sewing machines, I think I'm done with week four.

I've been looking at how to hang this little project, and my long sunrise piece, and several other small pieces that are presently just propped up somewhere! Good use maybe for wire coat hangers ... or perhaps you've hung small pieces before and have some suggestions. Remember,  I love to upcycle so ideas with that in mind please.

See you here next week... should be over the finishing line with this and looking forward to April's project.

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