Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday's sewing ...

I was very aware that once I was back in France I had little chance of finishing the Auspicious Symbol wall hanging I started at Pat Archibald's workshop.

Lots of decisions to make about where to put the windows, how many, what colour foil ... and how to quilt .. but these turned out to be the least of my problems as I struggled to remember all the ways to use foil on fabric!!

I reverted to the simplest technique (cutting a stencil) and the useful rule of less is usually better then more and now its waiting for the binding, a hanging sleeve and a wall it can call home.

Shame about the wonky building ... maybe I'll do nighttime with the moon and have a second go at not moving the buildings once they are in place!!!

Have a good weekend all. I'm about to leave for supper out to celebrate a 60th birthday and i'm meeting friends in London tomorrow. There'll be lots of baby pictures on show (I hope) so I might just take a photo of the puppies.

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