Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Stitching news

Spent a few minutes this morning finding an 'object'  to add to my sky-seascape for this weeks  work on the Stitch-along-Sunday project ... I know its Weds but ...

As instructed, I've cut the backing and wadding and broken the rules by adding not one but three fussy cut seagulls - after all that's what makes a good rule, the fact it can be broken without too much pain. I hope they won't be too much trouble to deal with further along -they are very small seagulls!

Looking forward to next week's instructions.

Meanwhile, I'm going to do some more machine couching this afternoon, a technique I learnt on Monday from Pat Archibald ( along with lots of other useful stuff like adding foil to fabric and the easiest way to peel bonding paper from the back of fabric. 

At one point my wall hanging looked like this and the trick as to make sure those pieces did not move as you moved the whole thing to the iron. 

and after some stitching like this only better as this is a dreadful photo!

More next week. 

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