Wednesday, March 18, 2015

More stitching ... and a puppy photo

Another Wednesday, some time to continue my Stitch Along Sunday where this week's instruction was to add some verticals and do some sewing.

Here it is  .......

I used invisible thread and a zip zag stitch to anchor the sand and sea which has given the background some texture - dare I say, some waves!!  The seagulls went on better than I thought ... thanks to sticky stuff and the slow button on my machine.

And now for the addition ... not very well shown on the photo, but looks OK on the real thing, So pleased to have found a use for a few (actually very few) of the pieces of string that keep the lids on organic fruit and veg boxes I have delivered. So now there are some fenceposts on the beach and a smaller bunch of string having on the wall. Ideas for other uses very welcome.

Can't leave today without showing you a photo of one of our six new puppies..  born at home in France to Ali and Macca. I think this is Lily, but she is very like her sister Libby! They were born at home in France to Ali and Macca and are now 6 weeks old, full of fun, playing very well together and making it clear they can't wait to roam further than their toy filled puppy pen.

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