Sunday, April 12, 2015

Has summer arrived?

Well, you'd think so, its hot out there!

I've caught up with Stitch Along Sunday on a Sunday with more practice on my new machine ...this time using the fabric transport system to join small pieces.. ... its sews very smoothly and I almost always remember there's no lever for the pressure foot!

Here's how those green fabrics from my scrap pile look at the moment - its the wayward log cabin look.

... ready with wadding and a backing for next weeks' 'rules' from Ruth.

Next step is more machine appliqué -I've made all the adjustments for blanket stitch using a springy metallic thread and put all the data in a memory drawer. Fingers crossed its there when I next switch the machine on.

Time for some sunshine and another chapter of my book. Only two puppies to watch now as Lady is on her way to her forever home with a young couple from Toulouse. Watch this space for a poem about saying goodbye to a puppy as I still need today's poem. Haven't missed one yet.

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