Saturday, April 11, 2015

On the wall and, wow, a new sewing machine

At last not only are some of my sewing projects finished but they are hanging up! These will be familiar to regular readers of my blog ... such a relief to cross them off the works in progress list.

Clearly, the Grand Central Station ceiling project needs attention ... the lights should be inserted in eyelets across the fabric not around the edge pulling it out of shape. A task for when I've mastered the basics of my new Bernina sewing machine which is just wonderful.

I need to learn the eyelet technique and loads more  - I've done some appliqué with a fancy threads, I'm practising by making a cockerel. So far, the sun has risen, there's a baby chick and some tail feathers.

Note that I'm using fabric stabiliser here on the advice of the Bernina expert who introduced me to the machine in  Toulouse shop on Friday ... she knew the machine so very well. There are so many different stitches for ordinary sewing and quilting ... just great for thread play.

Plus, I've now found a great quilting shop near to home here. I can't wait until 2016 to go fabric shopping.

Finally, poetry news, I'm just (but only just) managing to keep up with April's poem a day. I'm delving into my notebook for work done at poetry workshops in the past few months and have found lines to set me going.

Today's poem was inspired by the reports of yesterday's smoggy UK weather. Luckily the smog didn't come our way ... its was warm and sunny here most of the day, same today which means the garden chairs are out and the birds are singing at the top of their lovely voices.

Back soon ....

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