Sunday, July 26, 2015

The final kitchen at Enmatte ...

Finally, Enmatte has a wonderful kitchen, its been a while in the making but its all we planned and hoped for.

It's spacious, with enough room for several cooks and their helpers, and possibly dogs underfoot!

One of its best features is the compost bin in the scene of the island. The wood surface can be used as a chopping board but so far I've not taken a knife to the beautiful surface!
 Its amazing how knocking down the walls between two small rooms and a dark hallway has given us this great front of house family space.


Perhaps, most importantly, it's proving to be a cool place to cook this heatwave summer -so nice to see so much of the garden from a room we spend lots of time in.

Off now for a cup of tea and meringue -the inevitable  byproduct of keeping hens and having new oven that need cheating out!!!

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