Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Getting ready for a new deck ... plus a quilting winter challenge in progress

Well, the old one has given great service and some of it is still fine but much has had too much weather.

and lots of it will be recycled into some raised beds. This summer the beds along the fence have already given us so many peppers and aubergines.

It's wonderful to have a garden with lots of place to relax ... not that we need the hot tub at the moment!

Yesterday was also hedge trimming day.

I'm amazed at how much variety there is and now we can see all of it including the Medlar Tree full of unripe fruit that Poppy seems to love. Half chewed bits appear in odd places and surprisingly, the bits she swallows don't seem to have any ill effects!

And in other news I've started the Mole Valley Quilters Winter Challenge piece ...  A4 sized and using a small square of given fabric and my stash.

Here it is in progress and try as I may I cannot import it edited to be the correct way up! If you know how to do this please leave the answer below!

I keep fiddling with the lake and trees bit ... and have no idea how to best fix in place!  Updates may be posted and maybe the right way up.

Off now to make some banana bread with fruit that has ripened at speed in this heat ... back soon.

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