Thursday, January 21, 2016

Been away from here much too long ....

... so I'm not even going to try catching up with everything or explaining the gap because the first would be foolish and the second impossible!!
Here's a snapshot of where I am now with sewing projects and a small promise to be back again soon.

My Monday afternoon quilting class is making a joint quilt for maybe putting into a show but definitely to raffle for charity when finished.

The blocks are based on houses, fairly free pattern idea and the fabric all comes from the class stash.

This is my paper plan (sorry about the orientation) and the first part of my first block .. we each make two so that should be fairly do-able. Watch this space.

And I've joined an online block of the month with the aim of making a sampler quilt of 100 6" blocks. Probably going to use these fabrics form my stash but will need more if I reach the magic number.

Will add the group widget later. The electrician is about to arrive - so looking forward to having an outside light once more and a full compliment of kitchen lights!!!

See you soon.

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