Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Splendid Sampler block 1 ...

Here's the first 6'x6' block for the Splendid Sampler Quilt by Pat Sloan and a lot of other designers  - I'm calling it my 2016 sewing marathon. 

The project continues for the year and this maybe the first time I'm not playing catch up as there are two to complete each week.

The block design will be a twice weekly surprise and I'm using fabrics from a fat quarters bundle I bought a while ago.    I've started to use these in two previous projects, realised quickly that both were destined to be unfinished, so hopefully its third time lucky.

Here's a few of the project's fabrics  - I did buy a few more last week, mainly some plains and I'm hoping to also use oddments out of my bags of tiny pieces. After all these are small blocks so those tiny cut off bits should be ideal, somewhere in some of  the 100 blocks.
I'm going to use my blog as a way of journalling my progress through the project. Along with a photo of each block there'll be reflections on choosing the fabric and on lessons learnt  - of which I'm sure there'll be many.

Clearly block 1 is in celebration of today's date. I was pleased to see the need for some raw edged appliqué as I have now done quite a lot of that. And some of my tiny pieces did prove useful as the corners.  It's a shame that the lovely matched points are hidden under the heart but I know they're there.

Some of the fabrics I used in this block frayed badly so I'm going to do some research on preventing too much of that going on. With the small pieces the frayed edges changes the size very quickly.

I've stay stitched the edges to hold the pieces more firmly in place and to make it easier when this block is joined to the next three.

It's been great today looking at everyone else's finished block on the project website or Facebook page. I borrowed someone's idea to add the date to each block, its probably difficult to see here on my block because of its size but I didn't want the lettering to be too obvious.

I'll be back with block 2 soon (I hope). Here's the link to the Splendid Sampler website and perhaps I'll be seeing your SS blocks there or on Facebook soon?

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