Saturday, March 5, 2016

6 made, 94 to go

Ideal weather (cold, wet, almost snowing) this morning for sewing ... so here's block 6 for The Splendid Sampler.

Really pleased with fabric choice, the finished block is the correct size and probably 8/10 for the points. Thank goodness for starch, used on the fabric and finished block and for Best Press, used on the seams. I think there's some shrinkage in the white fabric so need to watch how wet I make the pieces before pressing.

Lesson for this was the value of the diagonal line on the six inch square ruler. Now most folk will have been using it forever but it only just occurred to me this scorning how useful it was when squaring up any square block so the trim is taken evenly from all sides.

Finally,  I took photo of the 6 completed blocks to see how I was doing with colour choice. Looks like I need to remember about using a little bit of red occasionally.

Snow has stopped, still looks too cold out there for my recovering foot. See you here soon.

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