Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Controversial Block 7

Well, what a reaction to my adaptation of Block 7 for The Splendid Sampler ... you learn more than how to use starch being part of a quilting project.

Here's the block

and yes, it's different from the design given by the organisers, but I was inspired by that design, and have used some of its features ... the mini quilt and small animals, well, birds. I also saw someone else's washing line block and used the link for embroidery skills tips to find the bird patterns.

The result was different and for some, too different. I love living in a world with diverse views on these matters. 

I've learnt that the quilt police are not mythical creatures, how to make tiny birds from three different fabrics (thank you ELEFANTZ) and that it's very hard to embroider something to look like a clothes peg.

Can't wait for block 8 because I am, until Thursday, up to date with this project and can get moving with this week's poem for my Poetry School online course and maybe finish the left front of the cardigan I'm knitting. 

Off to play bridge in a while ... another kind friend giving me one more lift. Friday is wear my own right shoe day and Saturday see how I am driving day, I hope. 

Have a good day, lovely reader. 

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