Thursday, September 22, 2016

I've been away a while: back again now

Well, the title of this post says it all really so I won't dwell on reasons for my absence - those of you who know me will know why. If I have any readers left out there, hello again, and if you're new to my blog welcome, I look forward to your comments.

Onto reasons for this restart (yes, there have been many others): top of the list is enrolment on one of the Poetry School's wonderful online courses, called enticingly Secrets and Lies. So there's a real need for me to get writing again ... the blog is one way, resuming morning pages as I did today is another.

I'm also trying to collect some ideas for stitching - colour, shape, dimensions etc. I spent this morning in the garden so didn't have to go far for a reminder to look close -these are presently brightening the view from my kitchen window. 

- my garden is full of great memories, the first time I grew 'Chinese Lanterns' was from a cutting from Peggy's Maidstone garden. So good to have a tub of them with me now.

- I love the randomness of these splashes of pale, just like the random shapes when I free motion quilt.

I  may be back later with a catch up on the Splendid Sampler blocks from my summer sewing. And maybe I'll say something about my summer reading. On the other hand if the sun keeps on shining I'll be out walking of a while.

Remember you can comment as well as lurk in the shadows as a reader! Now to see if I can get this posted and shared around social media after all this time.

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