Wednesday, October 19, 2016

From just one leaf ...

Second day on Inspiration to Stitch course .... we created a nature table, I added Plath's Blackberrying poem to the Autumn pin-board and then it was onto stencils, or in my case one stencil and an all sorts of colouring tools.

So, from just one leaf

and this wonderful bundle of prickles was my model for drawing without looking .....   turned out rather porcupine like!

The exercise of following an object with the eye while making the page felt OK ... perhaps because
I'm someone who doesn't like the D word. It felt like writing morning pages  - not lifting the pen and paying attention to the object rather than thinking 'what next".   

Now I know this is called blind contour drawing   ... more details here and in many other places on the web.  

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