Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Lists and books and a half buried pipe

This time of the year fir cones of all sizes and shapes and all sorts of leaves make their way to the end of my drive, collecting themselves, perhaps resting, certainly making clearings elsewhere.  This 'collection' is every bit as diverse as my week has been.

Reading: here the books I'm dipping in and out of at the moment, find out more about all three at


If you've read about slow stitching please comment ... and mark making (I think we used to call the drawing but am really not sure)

Here's Kim's blog https://kimmoorepoet.wordpress.com and her page on Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Kim-Moore/e/B00T6NDJYG

I'm so enjoying the poems in Kim's  latest poetry collection, possibly because I heard her read quite a few of them in Swindon. The ear and the eye and memory working together.

And its time for the third assignment for the online poetry course 'Secrets and Lies ... that sent me searching for an old notebook, oh, the joy of finding it! It has a list of names written when I drove south down the west coast of New Zealand's South Island -it seems these names have waited patiently  since 2010 to be of great value. 

Finally, how wonderful this October weather is ... I walked along the beach at Minster on Sunday and seeing this pipe set me thinking about things half hidden, half shown, halfway between things. 

#poetry #stitching #pipes #lists ... not sure at all I've got the hang of this hashtag business, but hey ho!

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