Saturday, December 31, 2016

Waving goodbye to 2016

Good morning, a few photos to show the tea bag work in progress.  

Tea bag paper sews well, its tough stuff and easy to get an accurate 1/4 inch seam with the very precisily cut edges.

One nine patch and the first book 

In contrast, until I removed the paper thin metal flange from inside the Juki bobbin case,
my end-of-year quilting was rubbish!!! Thank goodness for Google and the leather workers website with its wealth of help about what can go wrong with Juki bobbins and how to fix the problems.

Unsurprisingly the solution was simple - remove said flange. Quilt now done and just one more to do (for now).

To leave or make a mark in some way ... tomorrow's decisions 

Loving that pages that arrive with their own marks 

And the very tedious news is that it is still foggy here at Enmatte, four days now and we'd like our January to be warmer, drier and lost clearer please. Oh, some sunshine would be good as well, thanks. 

from the terrace ...  

My not favourite corner on days like this but Crumble likes this route away from the giant tractors driven by our farming neighbours 

And to any keen knitters out there here's a challenging challenge for January  - brioche stitch, maybe with more then one colour. For more details see   

I'm still undecided:  to join or not, to begin yet another project, or perhaps just to knit a sample? Its a great looking stitch, new to me and sounds perfect for cosy hats and scarves. Maybe one more project won't matter? 

Wishing you peace, good health and happiness for the New Year ... and see you in 2017.

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