Thursday, January 5, 2017

Putting the Pages Back In ...

So pleased to report that the fog has finally left us, its now very cold so I've spent the last few days close to the fire reassembling my Autumn sketchbook or with the extra layer of a quilt as I read my way through Kim Moore's poetry (see more about her work at, and the story of the Twin Towers tightrope walker, plus very regular and very brisk walks with dogs, of course.

Here are most of the dissembled pages, awaiting the decision about what to include and what to maybe keep for something else ...

A few that might not make it into the Autumn Book
I quite like most of these 

Found one more use for the empty teabags ... just the right size to hold my sewn leaves 

Finally, some sort of order emerges ...
At last, a cover page
Definitely do not like these pages ... might make good collage paper another time 

I'll soon have to pack things together for my return to UK so the pages are now back in the sketchbook, in an OK order, although I've learnt to think about this more in advance. 

That's it for now by what of autumn as I've just had an email about what to prepare for the next day on the course, which is only six days aways and means a new sketchbook, new techniques and a new topic!

Leaves, and more leaves,

                                 and lots of loose ends

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