Sunday, June 4, 2017

Can't believe its June!!!!

A bit of a much needed catch up, mostly in pictures ...

After  many years I've found my crochet hooks. Now to decide whether to make lots of squares or to just keep on going around and around 

 Louise Tilbrook has kindly shared a really easy shawl pattern

Well, its easy now I've worked out how to do the wyf slip stitch!!!
It's a good project for train and plane journeys and a great one to have alongside some stash busting blankets for Woolly Hugs see


Baby blanket from one stitch onwards and upwards ... I love the simplicity of slipping the first stitch to give an almost lacey edge 

And with the help of blocking pins, usually used for knitting projects, I'm progressing with mounting some of the bits and pieces I've finished in the past few weeks.

I went to a very good Picture Mounting Workshop in early May at Farnham Maltings ( with Lynne Friel see
so I've no excuses now for a bit of DIY finishing off.

old thread, scrap scrim and linen ... learning how to stretch over mount board 

From the back - to be continued 

In the to be mounted queue 

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