Monday, June 5, 2017

all about yoga

It looks and sounds like winter outside as I write this - a windy, rainy bleakness that hopefully will clear by tomorrow morning. But enough of bad weather this post is a catchup about yoga as I'm feeling optimistic about finding a local weekly Iyengar class at last.  At least it feels local being only 30 mins away in Cranleigh.

They have a useful website, online booking and the 2 hour workshop on Saturday was very good. See details here I'm still unsure which weekday class I can get to ... I might have to do a major diary rearrange!!

It feels good to have the possibility of a live yoga class to do alongside my now regular online classes that inspire a home practice. I've signed up to Ekhart Yoga for two years now. Its flexibility and range of classes have made a big difference to what I do when I'm on my mat at home.

For example today I followed a morning class based on sun salutations with Esther Ekhart and just now took a restorative class with Irina Verwer.  There's lots of other sections all about yoga on the website including detailed descriptions of the poses. Very helpful as I try to learn the sanskrit names and the minutia of each pose. Today for me it was Utkatasana, or chair pose ... see

I can't write about yoga without saying something about the wonderful week I just spent in classes with Rachel Lovegrove at Quinta Mimosa. More details about both can be found here and I'm already booked in for another retreat in May 2018.

I'll end this blog post with pictures (thanks to Rachel for two of these) from my week at the end of May ...

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