Saturday, October 28, 2017

Parallel projects aka confusion

Well confusion is a risk if, like me, you have several (or more) works in progress! I'm learning how best to keep safe my ideas and progress on each one and, wonderfully, how work for one thing leads to trying something similar with another.

Enough chat, here are some photos ... probably like you I find it can all look very different through a camera lens so I tend to take pictures regularly.

The photo above is of eucalyptus bark printed onto the paper that carried some dress pattern paper. I just love the shapes! The aim is to collage these onto a length of canvas. I've printed the shapes on to a section of old map, a piece of sheet music and some closely woven linen. 

The photo to the right shows my first attempt at arranging these for stitching. I've tried for a neatish torn way of separating out the different shapes ... what do you think?

Next step is to appliqué each piece in place and stitch with the aim of connecting and adding by my choice of stitch.

Watch this space!!!

Alongside that piece I'm putting together my ides for a stitched piece inspired by one of past 'occupants' of the 4th Plinth in Trafalgar Square. The Textile Group I belong to has put out a call based on this for their next exhibition. If you're interested the full details are on their website

So far, I've chosen my inspiration, see  and somehow meandered into thoughts about a fabric book that focuses on being homeless in a big city. Quite a journey (for me).

One huge consideration was how to make something that would fit into the box (size 39x29x15cm) that'll be used by the Group for transport purposes between exhibitor venues and will also be easily hung by someone other than me.  Add that to the time issue, and how very novice I am at all this and it feels a bit scary.

But, I've made progress with more printing on fabric and some research on homelessness which has led to some draft poems that might possibly fit to a tea bag. 

It seems there are many ways of printing on fabric from photos ... the most important thing is not to have any loose threads to catch on the print heads in your printer. So far, I've seem to have avoided that  but I have realised that its not a good idea to put Bondaweb though the printer, even when you think its firmly attached to the freezer paper meant to provide a firm base. 

No photos of that piece just yet but here's one of the quilt I'm making from many of the fabrics I've dyed, rusted and generally messed about with this year.

Not sure what to with this next ... maybe some writing on each 'brick' or maybe just some plain quilting. One more to watch for. 

And below is my favourite leaf from the Inspiration to Stitch autumn sketchbook of 2016.  I have plans for it to make an appearance alongside some beautiful eco printed tissue paper ... just plans at present. I need to photoshop out the writing and then see if the colours will reproduce on silk. 

Back soon. Thanks for reading this. Remember your comments are welcome. 

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