Sunday, November 5, 2017

Pages updated ...and other stuff

Only 11 months have gone by without an update to the stitching and poetry pages on this blog!!!   There is some new stuff there now. Do take a look by clicking on the links above the blog post.

I'll leave you here to admire how much the toe-up sock has grown ... not much I hear you say and I agree.

Probably because there's so much else to distract me  - books and poetry for sure.

I'm enjoying Undertaking by the the wonderful American poet Thomas Lynch, more info on him can be found here

I've almost given up on Solar Bones!!!  It will be interesting to hear what others in my book gourd think of this stream of consciousness novel.  The story is fine ... i'm just tiring of the style.

And I regularly dip into this very clever book which is very well described by its title.

Then there is poetry, as always. In small doses, usually at breakfast, occasionally while I wait for the kettle to boil.

Sorry for the orientation  ... its the Oxford Poetry Review but I think you got that anyway 

Finally, two stitching projects are progressing very slowly. The entry deadlines are in my diary and I'm learning lots about printing on fabric via photos. And the very best news is that I've been offered an old blanket to use as backing for the piece that relates to homelessness. That piece is in response to the Thames Valley Contemporary Textiles Group's call for work for their next exhibition.

You can read more about the TVCT Group here and if you click on the news tab, there's more about how my piece came into being and elsewhere on the site lots more from some highly skilled textile artists. Here's the direct link to the news item

 One day soon I shall have to progress from paper copies of stuff on the wall to the reality of sewing my precious eco printed tissue and some pricey silk ... scary!

More on that later. Thank you for reading this.

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