Sunday, September 30, 2018

Wabi Sabi by Beth Kempton - my review

This book almost belies it’s subtitle ... ‘Japanese wisdom for a perfectly imperfect life’ ... because it is a perfect book. It looks very good, the cover and pages feel wonderful and when you get inside it’s cleverly set out, well written and full of beauty. The sort of beauty that guides, explains and bestows wise words on the reader. 

I met Beth on an Arvon writing retreat and heard a few early paragraphs of her book. Her research, personal experience and knowledge shine through her excellent prose. It has been a pleasure to read Beth’s treatise on and the applications of Wabi Sabi to ordinary lives. 

This is a book I will turn to when I need reminding about the important things in my life, about how to love, how to think more wisely and how this all might feel. And, importantly, to read when I need helpful and confident messages about the perfect nature of imperfection. Beth - thank you so much. Everyone else - do read this book. 

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